It is a retractable metal, and soluble element in water under normal conditions. Aluminum is one of the most chemically effective metals and as a free metal, therefore we find it linked to more than 270 different metals.

Because of its distinctive ability to resist corrosion due to passivation phenomenon and because of being a low- density metal, it is used in the aircraft industry. Its alloys have an active role in the aerospace industry and other areas such as transportation, construction and its interactive nature made it useful as a catalyst or as an additive in chemical mixtures.



  • Heat insulation.
  • Pressure resistance.
  • Flexibility in shaping and sizing.
  • Corrosion resistance and long-lasting.
  • Low density metal and strong, weighing up to %65 less than steel.
  • Recyclable without compromising material integrity and performance.
  • Safety properties to occupants and the surrounding environment during use.