Aluminum sliding doors flood the interior of the house with light and look great, bringing unique character to the home. We allow the available space to be used properly, forming spacious interiors in elevated style. Sliding doors provide ease of use and seamless travel. Sliding doors are the ideal, universal solution for the design of houses.

Regardless of whether for sliding, lift-and-slide, tilt/slide or collapsing sliding frameworks, Schüco aluminum profiles arrangements permit greatest working solace, thermal insultion, sound insulation, and security.  Limited profile face widths guarantee enormous units and most extreme light infiltration. As far as innovation and plan, all the frameworks offer a scope of fittings and structure choices, which meet all the prerequisites of business and private tasks.

Schüco sliding systems fabricated by OMSI Group meet all sorts of demands from private clients alike. They offer individual solutions of the highest standard in terms of energy saving, security, operating comfort, and design. Reduce energy consumption with highly thermally insulated sliding systems Energy saving does not only mean relating to environmental protection; it also includes saving money.

We provides the sliding system tailor-made to individual requirements.

Sliding System

Schüco sliding systems fulfil a whole range of solutions for investors and private clients alike. In terms of energy saving, security, operating comfort and design, they offer individual solutions of the highest standard. Schüco sliding systems fabricated by OMSI group are constructed with long-life rollers to ensure a smooth gliding action, and are pre-glazed with toughened safety glass. OMSI group sliding systems are designed & fabricated to be sound proof,  weather proof, and dust proof.

Folding Sliding System

Schüco folding sliding systems fabricated by OMSI group considered your perfect lifestyle solution for your living space. When opened, these doors create the maximum possible opening you can get. It’s the perfect way to extend your kitchen, sun room, lounge or bedroom.The doors divided into sections, with choices ranging from a three-paneled door to a much wider six paneled doors.

Security is a must in our design of all folding doors. The hardware used ensures each folding door has the latest security features to ensure peace of mind for all customers.

Lift and Sliding systems

A Schüco lift-and-slide door made from aluminium profiles is very easy to move. When closed, the door is perfectly weathertight, providing excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction. Up to three tracks allow large opening widths and the door can therefore be used with great flexibility in large glass constructions.

Tilt / Slide Doors

Tilt / slide doors, as a combination of a sliding door and a turn / tilt window, are practical and easy to use. For ventilation purposes, the vent of the tilt / slide doors alone can be tilted or the entire area can be opened up.